Having a functional contest application will help organize your event.

The key to a good contest is engagement and integrity. How many times have we walked away from a contest and thought, “That guy got robbed!” Too many times, that’s how many. If you want to run a successful, honest competition, there needs to be three things: Honesty, transparency and organization.

Without either of the aforementioned, you may run the risk of having your competition lose relevance. You open yourself up to criticism and potential unfair accusations. Having a system in place to protect you from the onslaught of disagreement, will serve you and your end goal better than you can imagine.

Especially if you’ve tied your event to a charity or moneymaking event, having integrity in your ranks will add to the longevity and participation to whichever goal you pursue.

A few ways to ensure that your competition is viewed as “clean,” is to make sure there are no conflicts of interest. Ensuring that none of the judges or sponsors are in any way related to or are friends with the participants is one way to stop any grumblings in their tracks.

Also making sure that everyone knows the rules before hand will save you the “Well, I guess there was a misunderstanding” conversation in the future. Knowing that everyone is starting on the same playing field with all of the same tools will help keep your competition looking “above board.”

Having a clear, transparent judging system in place will also help after the votes are counted. It will allow everyone to see their standings and why they ended up in whichever position they ended up. The Skild contest app is a pretty amazing tool that allows the organizers and judges to set parameters and see in real time any of the standings or results at any moment.

Having a relevant and functional contest application like Skild will help all organizational aspects of your event and also help to minimize any calculation errors or potential missteps, allowing your event to go untouched by any scandal or assumed meddling.  Remembering that integrity is key will keep your competition from any complaints.

Source (How To Run a Successful Competition on Your Website – June 19, 2014 – Makeuseofit.com)


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