An idea contest for customers to participate in will launch online buzz

Did you know that your current customer base could sell your products or services better than you can? I know you’ve heard of “word of mouth” advertising, but nowadays with everyone being able to access the Internet, their mouths are a lot louder than they were even ten years ago. Figuring out how to utilize and encourage their newly “digitally enhanced online” voice, could be the biggest step your business will make. 

Gone are the days of hoping you customer will talk to someone that might come through the door. If your business is online and offering its products and services, that door has never been wider and their circle of influence has greatly expanded. Think about how life was before Facebook even. Think about how many people you actually talked to on a daily basis.

One of the top ways to engage with your customer is to get them involved. Possibly putting together an online video contest or idea contest for them to participate in will help them launch an online buzz about your products or services. Plus, an online video contest will help create much needed content for you existing social media outlets. Giving your customers something to look at, besides what you’re selling them, makes them feel less solicited and more engaged. Reading about a slight price break or special coming up is way less effective than watching a funny video or getting the chance to come up with a new slogan or design. Even offering prizes for what they come up with will keep them promoting their own content to their friends and families. Sometimes “not” being marketed to is the best marketing.

This “inside knowledge” of their peers creates stratospheric value. Facebook is the quintessential example. Imagine a traditional company that tried to generate the kind of information Facebook generates: real-time data on what movies people are watching, what restaurants they’re visiting, what vacations they’re taking, and what books they’re reading. Facebook dispensed with all the research most companies would have tried to dig up, and instead focused on letting customers provide it.

When considering running such a contest using a product like Skild competition software will help keep your competition organized and affective.

Source (7 Things Your Customer Can Do Better Than You –


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