Business competitions are one way that business can engage customers.

In the world of marketing, the doors have never been as open as they currently are. Having the power to virtually enter everyone’s home via the Internet, the ability to really connect with you audience and customer base has never been better. Not only are you able to put your product on display, but you are also in the position to have full control over your message and even have your customers help you sell!

Business competitions are one way that business can engage customers.

Think about it this way, back in the old days you would place an ad in a local newspaper or periodical. You’d have to hope your ad would jump off the page and get the attention of your potential customer. Then, that potential customer would have to either immediately act by giving you a call or wait until later. By the time they get around to thinking about your product again, they’d have to retrace their steps, flip through the publication and find your number again. It’s amazing that anyone ever sold anything.

Today your business is able to brand itself  and create content on a regular basis that relates in real-time. Creating a video is a great way to connect and make sure that your message isn’t getting lost or being left up to interpretation.  In fact, with the easy availability of recording equipment, you can reach out to your customers and challenge them to promote your products.

Creating business competitions is one major way that business can really engage customers. Tapping into the creative minds of your following will best ensure that your customer base accurately understands your message. It will also allow your customer base to interact with your business in a way that feels less like a solicitation and more like a genuine interaction. The power of holding a business contest is what could separate you from your competitors.

Organizing such a contest by using award software like Skild, is the best way to get the most out of your next marketing push. Allowing you to judge and rate your customers’ entries by user specified filters are one of the best attributes and advantages to using competition software.


Source: 64 Creative Marketing Ideas to Boost Your Business – June 12, 2014 –


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