Creative contest ideas are the best way to engage your customer base

Note to business owners: The Internet is here for you! Alongside all of the cat videos and selfie snapshots, there is a digital realm out there that can change the way you do business forever. Any idea that you have to promote your businesses products or services is literally at your fingertips.  One of the best ways to promote your brand is to try to find ways for your customers interact with your product and be seen doing it.

Creative contest ideas are the best way to engage your customer base

Currently The International Frozen Yogurt Association is holding an online contest to find the world’s best froyo swirling stars. As crazy as that last sentence seems, it really is an amazing way to integrate a company’s product, customer base and digital marketing. Finding unique ways for your customer base to interact with your products or services is the key to getting you message across clearly.

The company has utilized the popular photography app Instagram to inspire its customers to record themselves performing the perfect swirl. After submitting the video, they are to describe their technique on how they achieved it. The contest will recognize two winners and award the first place winner with a gift card, good for 100 ounces of free froyo from Yougurtland and 50 ounces for the second place winner.

Contest ideas like this are a great and inexpensive way to boost your marketing effort.  For the cost of 150 ounces of frozen yogurt, The International Frozen Yogurt Association has been able to immobilize its customer base and most definitely increase sales.

Many companies have begun to utilize these sorts of low cost ideas to rake in big profits. The phrase, “Work smarter, not harder,” is now proving more possible with the increased access to people’s computers and devices. Having a contest app to manage different digital contest ideas will help you keep your efforts more organized.  Companies like Skild offer a contest application that will help both the judging and participant side of any sort of video contest you might have. Having a reliable contest management app will help ensure that your marketing or contest effort goes off without any serious interruptions or delays.




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