Having reliable contest management helps organize any video contest

Knowing exactly what people want is a good place to start when you begin thinking about launching an online contest. In that same regard, it is also very important to know exactly what you want to gain through your contest effort. Considering the aforementioned prior to your effort will better help your company with execution. It will allow you to know what sort of contest management software or contest platform you need in order to house your project.

Having reliable contest management helps organize any video contest

Marketing without  quantifying an end goal will leave you frustrated and sour towards further marketing efforts. We all know that without putting your product or services out there, the chances for a successful growth are greatly decreased.

The following are a few end-goals to launching a contest or marketing push:
Increasing social media followers is one of the more popular ways companies tend to go about marketing. That is a great idea, however, there is more to it than having a Facebook account. Creating brand awareness is a great way to drive traffic to both your online and physical market.

Engaging your customer in a unique way through an online video contest or picture contest will ensure that you are able cover a lot of bases at once. Not only will you be creating brand awareness, but also you will more likely create a lasting impression aside from just the benefits of purchasing your product. Causing your customer base to feel involved in the creative process of your business product or service will ensure customer loyalty.

Following the closing of your online contest, make sure you follow-up with everyone that participated. Offering some sort of discount and acknowledgement for being a part of the effort will also ensure no customers will leave with a bad taste in their mouth. Encouraging them to stay connected and alert for any upcoming projects is a friendly way to show your businesses appreciation.

Having reliable contest management software like Skild, helps organize whichever video or picture contest your company launches. With the ability to set specific outlines for the judges and a fully customizable parameters, using a contest platform is the best way to organize and reach your marketing goals.


Source: How to Get a Real World Effect From Your Online Contest – February 27th 2015 – WishPond.com


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