Having trouble with inspiration? Idea contests will boost business!

As a business owner you know that staying constantly inspired is next to impossible.  The temptation to burnout is sometimes a daily battle.  Reciting affirmations can only go so far and you may be feeling too close to your own project to conjure up even a hint of ingenuity or innovation. The tendency to wait for inspiration rather than create it, is something we all fall into. We think that inspiration is based on some sort of magic or special limited physiology that happens to us. Knowing a few different ways to manufacture inspiration can help you and you business grow.

Having trouble with inspiration. Idea contests will boost business!

The first way to get the inspiration juices flowing is to simply get moving. A study done by the University of British Columbia found that when elderly women do aerobic exercise, it boosts activity in the part of the brain that is the center of emotion, memory and the autonomic nervous system. The release of endorphins also helps prevent depression and increases energy levels. Some of  our best ideas come when we’re not in the thick of a workday. Taking time to get your heart rate up is good even if you don’t end up with ten new ideas.

The next thing to try when you’re felling uninspired is to just pick up a book. Reading a biography or business book can help spark you into action. Sometimes even walking into a bookstore or library can be the source of inspiration. Being around the tools to learn something new will always get you in the mood to think innovatively.

Sometimes, you could even outsource inspiration. Launching some sort of idea contest for your customers can help take the edge off of having to be creative. Idea contests like a video or picture competition are great ways to not only engage your customers with your products or services, but it also allows you to get a little free marketing boost. Managing such an effort is really easy when you use contest software like Skild contest management software. Making sure to be ready when inspiration does hit is important. Contest software will help you keep track of your entire project and ensure that your marketing push is a success.


Source:  The 4 Best Ways to Keep Inspired – January  19, 2015 – Entrepreneur .com


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