Never underestimate your customer base. Hold an online contest and see

The belief that “customers are your biggest asset” has never been more true. Not only is their purchasing power what keeps you afloat, but also their ability to spread the word about your businesses products and services is unparalleled. Making sure you never underestimate the power and creativity of your customer base is important to the longevity of your business. Holding an online contest is the best way to tap into the army of loyal curators that already love your product. Know how to engage them is the ultimate key!

Never underestimate your customer base. Hold an online contest and see

Last year Starbucks (a brand that isn’t hurting for exposure) launched a “White Cup Contest” where fans were encouraged to paint on a blank Starbucks white cup and submit pictures of their art to Instagram. The company received an amazing upswing of brand recognition and engagement. GoPro also has an ongoing video contest “Video of the Day” that highlights their customers’ creations on a daily basis.

Another great company called Facial Aesthetic Concepts launched a cool idea where they immobilized their customer base by getting them to write an essay. The essays were to be directed toward the subject of “Why your mom deserves a makeover.” Each entry had to be 500-words and ended up bringing tons of new eyes to their website.

Even if your company isn’t as big as the aforementioned, tapping into whichever size customer base you have is a great way encourage repeat customers to become involved. Whatever positive way you can get people talking about your products and services is worth it.

Skild is a great company to go with when looking to set up an online contest. Online contest management software will help your organize all the moving parts that go along with running a competition. It allows a platform for judges and participants  to go and interact in real time.

Marketing and interaction has to be the heart and soul of your operation. So, who better to ask for marketing help than you existing customers? Seeing your customers as more than just consumers is important to the success and longevity of your business.


Source:  8 Brand effectively Leveraging User-Generated Content – July 28, 2014 – Tintup.coms


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