Contest management software will lead to increased customer engagement

Whatever your business is, making clear who you are and what you do is the most important message to put forth. How many times have you driven by a business’s signage and wondered, “What is that place.” If I were the CEO of that business, that question would drive me crazy. Knowing that there are potentially thousands of people out there scratching their heads, wondering what my business does, would be unacceptable. Not only are they wondering, but they are most likely subconsciously criticizing my businesses inability to communicate affectively, and that is a huge problem. Maintaining a positive image should be a top priority.

Protecting your reputation

Just as important as having clear signage is the need for a well-defined mission statement. Your message needs to be clear, concise and most importantly, consumable. If potential customers can’t understand you, they will move on to who they can understand. A mission statement should convey your services and values so that you’re not wasting your customers’ time and vice versa. Not being clear will also open the customer service branch of your business to spending a lot of time clarifying, apologizing and rectifying problems that arise from ambiguity.

One great way to check the temperature of  your customer base is to involve them in some sort of survey or competition. Interacting with your customer beyond the sales-pitch not only builds loyalty, but it also helps you as a marketer. Guessing is never a good idea. If a doctor guesses his patient’s heart rate, there’s going to be a problem.  Knowing exactly what your customers want, before the ask for it, will help you stay in front of your competitors.

Using a video competition and contest management software is one of the best ways to really reach your customer. A contest management system like Skild, will help house your contest and allow users to upload content and your judges to grade the content. Contest management is imperative to running a successful interactive marketing campaign. Staying organized and following through with your marketing push will help  build customer trust while maintaining a working relationship with that customer.


How to protect your reputation – Business Insider


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