Innovation competitions are the life-blood of any company or product.

In the world advancing technology, innovation is the food that feeds the monster. And as it turns out, competition is what makes that food taste better. Innovation competitions are the life-blood of any company or product that plans to be relevant in the future. Knowing this fact is what keeps businesses producing the quality products and services that inspire customers’ interest and excitement.

Innovation competition

When thinking of companies that employ these techniques, let us start with the biggest, Microsoft. This year, Microsoft is gearing up to launch its annual Imagine Cup, a premier student technology competition to inspire groups from all over the world to share their projects of innovation. Some of the best and brightest competed for their chance to expose their talents to the world.

Last year’s Imagine Cup Champions from Australia created an app called Eyemaemia. Eyemaemia is a simple, non-invasive and easily accessible screening tool for anaemia for use by everyday people, making screening as simple as taking a selfie. The creators of this app walked away with both the World Championship and the World Citizen Championship.

The first place winner of the Microsoft Innovation Competition was a team from New Zealand who developed an app called Estimeet. This app was built to check up on your friends that are always late. The app allows you to check their ETA based on GPS tracking, freeing you from calling and bugging them every five minutes. It’s basically a lie-detector test for travelers. This app was chosen for it’s practicality and how it could potentially fit into your everyday life.

Although you’re business isn’t quite the size of Mircosoft…yet, doesn’t mean it couldn’t benefit form some sort of innovation challenge. Innovation also isn’t limited to just technology. Innovation in marketing and branding is also worth exploring. Setting up a logo contest or a video contest is a very innovative way to engage with your customers beyond the sales pitch. An innovation competition may just what you’re company needs to get the edge over your competitors.

Using a contest management tool like Skild will help in any sort of online challenge you or your company decides to go with. Keeping organization at the forefront of your competition will make for a most successful marketing push.


2015 Innovation Competition –


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