The Shorty Awards recognize the best innovations in creative marketing

The importance of innovative marketing has never been more pronounced. Not only is it essential to get your businesses message out there, but its actually being celebrated as it’s own genre. Creative marketing has always been a popular medium in the public and now there is an award show that focuses on the best of the best. The Shorty Awards is an award show that honors businesses marketing and advertising campaigns on their creativity, effectiveness and ability to innovate.

innovations in creative marketing

Earlier this year The Shorty Awards, in its 7th annual show, made it’s top picks by honoring companies and organizations on how they connected to their audiences on various social networking platforms.  Taking the top honors for Best on Twitter was the National Basketball Association (NBA) for its attempts to make the game more transparent. After a decade of growing suspicions, the NBA was allowed its fans to go into the replay booth in real-time via its twitter feed. Not only does this let the fan know that they are serious about the integrity of their product, but it also increases engagement on a whole new level. Now, you don’t have to be in the arena to criticize the refs.

Produced by Thinkmodo the Devil Baby Attack video hit Youtube hard this past year.  The creators of this video used it as a tool to promote a movie called Devil’s Due, scoring themselves a Shorty Award in the humor category. The video follows a remote controlled stroller that features an animatronic-possessed baby who jumps up and scares unsuspecting onlookers. The DEVIL BABY ATTACK video became the center piece of DEVIL’S DUE social media campaign, gaining over 50 million organic Youtube views and over 2 million Facebook shares. The DEVIL BABY ATTACK video became the #2 most shared ad in the world of 2014 and generated free TV media coverage worth $6+ million for the film. These sorts of numbers are unheard of for independent release.

Considering the use of video to engage with your customers is worth a try. Launching a video contest for your customers to participate in is also a great way to get quality content. Using an online contest management tool will also help in the organization of your project.  Companies like Skild provide online contest software that allows both the participants and judges a place to engage in the project.


Check Out 2015’s Shorty Award Winners for the Best Use of Social Media, Apps and Video – March 23, 2015 –


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