CappSCI uses Skild Competition Software to Protect Coral Reef

Life without a coral reef looks dismal

Did you know that coral reefs are incredibly important to not only fish, but human beings as well? If the great-vast ocean were to be depleted of its coral reef ecosystems, the repercussion could be deadly. Just a few things that would be affected by the loss of coral reefs are:

CappSCI uses Skild Competition Software to Protect Coral Reef

  • Fish – many marine species call the coral reef their home. They protect their eggs and themselves from predators here.
  • Jobs – There is money that comes from catching coral reef fish. A good portion of fisheries, fishermen, and others would take a hard hit from the loss of coral reefs.
  • People – Over 30 million people eat reef fish and mollusks every year. These fish may become extinct as coral reefs begin to disappear.
  • Air – Coral reefs help control the amount of carbon dioxide in the ocean water. Without them the carbon dioxide level would rise too high and affect all living things on Earth

Taking a dive for the worse

There are tens of thousands of different marine species that inhabit these diverse ecosystems of coral reefs and we need them to stick around. Unfortunately, these amazing systems are taking a dive for the worse because coral reefs are being threatened by human factors such as pollution and global warming. CappSci is well aware of the problem that we are all going to face if this continues. The CappSci Inventors Program is taking a step to make not only our oceans better, but also the World through Skild’s competition platform.

Time for an intervention

Right now, most funding directed towards helping coral reefs goes to monitoring them opposed to actually doing something physically to help them. With Skild’s competition software, there are plans of more intervention with coral reefs than is presently happening.

The CappSci Inventors Challenge was created to “Propose an innovative technology to scale-up coral reef restoration,” where anyone worldwide could submit intelligent and cost effective project ideas through the competition management provided by Skild.

In June of this year, the competition management system closed its doors to all the submissions. In November, the winner of this noble challenge will receive the coral prize – $100,000 for funding their project and a 12-18 month inventor appointment at the Patricia and Phillip Frost Museum of Science in Miami, Florida.

Those judging through Skild’s competition management software, will get to choose three finalists in the second round who will all receive $1,500 a piece. The finalists will get a to present their projects to a live audience in November and have the chance to make a huge impact on coral reef restoration.



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