Optical Filters Win Cade Museum Innovation Competition

5 years of inventions

Since 2010, the Cade Museum for Creativity and Invention has provided early inventors a chance to make a difference in the world. Located in Florida, they hold a Cade Museum Prize every year that calls for inventors, researchers, companies, and more who are also in the state of Florida to showcase their original ideas. The winner gets funding needed to start their project. This innovation competition, with the help of Skild, has made way for inventions involving:

Optical Filters Win Cade Museum Innovation Competition

  • Biomedical
  • Healthcare
  • IT
  • Environmental
  • Agricultural

In May of this year, EVERIX deservingly won the 2015 annual prize of $50,000.

Criteria of judging

The final four teams for the contest were:

  • aqUV – A water bottle that is simultaneously solar powered and able to purify water.
  • Everix – Custom design optical filters that focus on assisting medical imaging and diagnostics, security and night vision, environmental monitoring, and laser safety.
  • KynderMed – A sleep mask that prevents woman at risk of an early labor.
  • Partnering in Innovation – A technology that turns CO2 into Green Oil.

The judges based their criteria off of how innovative the idea was, the potential impact and success of the invention, the overall strength of the team, and the market credibility. While all the contestants had remarkable ideas, EVERIX ended up by taking home the gold prize.

Making a difference with optics

EVERIX stands out from other companies in their field because they have found a way to bypass what others are limited by technologically.

Upon winning, founder and CEO of EVERIX, E. Hooman Banaei stated,

“Winning this serious cash prize could enable us to achieve some of our key business milestones at a faster pace, but even more valuable to us were the comments and feedback from the Cade Museum’s seasoned panel of judges. The judges were among the best, a great mix of business leaders and technologists. Winning this tight competition gave us the confidence that our company is on track with a game-changing technology.”

With the success of Skild’s platform, these innovation competitions can run seamlessly and allow life-changing results that make the world a better place.

(Source: http://www.everix.co/#!EVERIX-Wins-Prestigious-Cade-Museum-Prize/c7a5/345BC57D-83A7-44C0-AC98-14E5FFC8E339)


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