RentBillow – RuleBreaker Awards Contest Platform Winner Changes Lives

The path less traveled

Earlier this year, over 15 entrepreneurs won over $6,000 in prizes for the 2015 Rule Breaker Awards. Through the contest management Skild had provided, the competition and judging process was made a success. The rule breaker contest was created to find and honor entrepreneurs who did things differently – A.K.A who broke the rules and took the path less traveled in their endeavors. While there were many winners, we wanted to take a look at one and observe their progress since the contest platform took place.

Get paid for your unused junk

RentBillow was one of the winners of the RuleBreaker Awards because of their excellent, unique, and useful idea they had just hiding up their sleeves. RentBillow’s purpose is to provide people with an opportunity to get extra cash for renting items in their home that were just getting dusty. “I saw an opportunity to help stay-at-home parents generate extra income with minimal effort and without having to actively sell products to their friends and family,” Anabella Watson, founder of RentBillow, said when asked about the inspiration to launch her business. “ I also wanted to provide a way for people to get extra cash out of the things they already own without having to permanently let them go.”

Watson described RentBillow as, “a market for the temporary use of everyday items.” She found a way to help people save cash, make cash, and all while getting use out of their items. “You can rent almost anything to and from other people, “ Watson said. “So if you have a garage fill of crap, you can rent it all out and make some money. Or, if you need something, like gardening tools, furniture, anything that you think of, you can go to the website and rent from others.” A few items that are regularly rented out may surprise you:

  • Pool cleaner
  • Bounce castles
  • ATVs
  • Bicycles

This idea is great specifically for those not looking to buy but only find what they need temporarily – say for example a wedding. On Watson’s RentBillow Blog she wrote, “One of my first customers listed a set of beautiful wedding cake cutters, a gorgeous wedding dress and many catering dishes. Some people would never dream of renting out their wedding items. However, for $150 somebody could rent all of these wedding items and save quite a bit.”

Making lives more affordable

RentBillow does not cost anyone to use. Owners are only charged a small credit card fee when an item is rented.

With the Rulebreaker Awards and the use of Skild’s contest management software, RentBillow was able to overcome struggles and emerge with a successful business.

Skild works hard to make sure that the contest management system is the best it can be for any company’s ideas. Through Skild’s contest software, awesome tools like RentBillow can breakthrough the mold and actively change a person’s life for the better.