CleanSlate’s Smartphone Sanitizer and Winner of 43North Competition Platform

The World’s largest business idea competition platform, 43North, awarded $5 million in cash awards to what they found as the best startup and entrepreneurs from around the world. One of the finalists and winners, CleanSlate, is making headway with their creation all thanks to the competition management software that made this competition possible.

Stopping Mobile device infections

CleanSlate is making a genuine effort to stop germs from infecting hospital patients. Specifically smartphones carry an enormous amount of germs on them – and everyone has one! With our faces generally smack-dab on the screen it’s impossible to not cover it with bacteria. But with CleanSlate winning the $500,000 prize, they found a way to disinfect your phone in about 30 seconds.

With the use of Skild’s competition management system, 43North was able to find CleanSlate’s invention and help fund the startup. Taylor Mann, the CEO of CleanSlate got the idea for his company by talking with a friend who worked in the neonatal intensive care unit at Kingston General Hospital in Kingston, Ontario. Mann’s friend explained that phones spread viruses so much that they have even been banned from entering certain units of the hospital. That doesn’t stop people from sneaking them in and continuing to spread the bacteria though. Mann and other students from Queen’s university put together a group to find a solution. He said, “What our engineering team has been able to do is create something that is really safe, really intuitive and very quick. We’re targeting C. difficile, MRSA, VRE – the really dangerous hospital-borne superbugs that these facilities are really concerned about.”

Already, CleanSlate’s machine is has been tested at three different hospitals in Ontario successfully. The idea is to position the device at the entrance of the hospital and special care units so that before people enter, they have the opportunity to clean their mobile phone and effectively keep the germs outside of the hospital.

Cleaning up the technical bugs

But while they are trying to get rid of the germ bugs, they have some of their own technical bugs to work out. Right now Mann calls the current version of the machine, “like a 1980’s fax machine.” But there are high hopes for the new version and that it will be able to fit devices such as ipads and tablets.

Making the world a better place

Skild’s competition software management is proud to have been able to create the competition software for 43North in order to judge and then choose CleanSlate as a winner. Everyday Skild is looking to help companies in their effort to find innovative ways to make the world a better place – and it just so happens that CleanSlate fits the bill!