What CoachMePlus Has in Store After 43North Innovation Competition

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The 43North competition found superb entrepreneurs and startups looking to make a difference in our World. There were more than 11,000 people who entered the innovation competition but only 11 teams were chosen – CoachMePlus being one of the incredible groups to win.

Coaching the coach

CoachMePlus is a simple way to help out coaches and even athletes. It is a web-based program that allows for either an athlete or coach to organize, track, and manage much of the player’s progress. After the information is filled out on the athlete’s performance, they can the follow specific workout routines made for them and track their continuous progression. It is a fantastic tool for coaches to use on many of their players individual growth by using visual management.

So when it comes to managing multiple athletes a day you can understand how it could get very complicated and time consuming. There have been many case studies showing how using CoachMePlus is not only a great way to save time, but accurately improve a player and make sure they are healthy. With the use of a questionnaire, the player can be tracked and monitored to make sure they are at their very best to play.

Checking the Players recovery process

The strength and conditioning coach for the NHL Nashville Predators reached out to CoachMePlus so that he could keep an eye on each player’s vitals in order to make sure they were properly prepared for the next practice or game. With CoachMePlus he was supplied with the tools to check what was going on with the players during their recovery after a game or practice. He could then educate them on what to do in order to take care of themselves much better. Now with the daily questionnaires, the coaches are able to see how the players are doing and can quickly tackle any problems if needed. “CoachMePlus has allowed me to evolve the way in which I communicate information to our players, coaches ad management,” Good said. “From hydration station to daily reports to fitness test results, CoachMePlus is helping us monitor our players to insure everyone is fully informed and optimally prepared.”

Not only has It has been a big help for The Nashville Predators, but for many other teams as well. A few testimonials have said:

“CoachMePlus saves us one hour, per coach, per day, across our entire organization.”

“CoachMePlus saves me so much time I can now track the things I want to.”

“We literally looked at close to 100 platforms, and CoachMePlus is the only one that met all of our needs.”

Skild has been helping make these innovation competitions become a reality – such as the 43North competition. Now CoachMePlus has been able to really flourish and become a strong startup creatively making coaches and athletes lives easier!