Community College Innovation Competition Has Proven Important

Only getting better

Skild is so proud to be helping assist National Science Foundation’s Community College innovation competition for the second year in a row. But not only do we look forward to the future of this amazing challenge, but we also honor and respect the previous winners who worked so hard during their competing.

Wakulla Springs State Park

STEM thinking

Those enrolled in community colleges have the opportunity to provide their profound ideas through science, technology, engineering, and math to help solve actual real problems. During last year’s competition – the winners showed more than promising results. Below is a list of last years 10 winners who were more than deserving.

  • Realtime Accident Detection on Michigan Highways – Henry Ford College
  • Engineering Algae to Improve Biofuel Production – Sheridan Community College
  • Environmentally friendly pigment synthesis – Snow College
  • Water Health as Assessed by Surveying Protists – Piedmont Virginia Community College
  • Amphibian research drives broad STEM participation – Inver Hills Community College
  • College High school Aquaponic Mentoring Partnership – Tulsa Community College
  • Mobile Medical Disaster Relief Dispensation Unit – Red Rocks Community College
  • Optical Characterization of Lagoon Pollutants – Indian River State College
  • Reliable urban food production in changing climate – Tulsa Community College
  • Biosensor for Coliphage – Ivy Tech Community College of Indiana

All of these ideas were winners due to their creative and remarkable ideas to solve real world problems in logical ways.  One of the teams from Indian River State College invention, Optical Characterization of Lagoon Pollutants, is all about protecting the world starting with the Indian River Lagoon. This particular lagoon covers about 40 percent of Florida’s East Coast and has many issues, to say the least. With their minds put together, they aim to collect real-time data on water quality in order to recognize the pollution levels of the lagoon. And that is only one winner’s amazing proposal.

Knowledge Helps Better the World

With the new innovation competitions coming up, NSF’s Community College Challenge will continue to be an important part of thinking outside of the box and finding solutions to real-world problems. Just like NSF’s director of Division of Undergraduate Education, Susan Singer said about the community college students/contestants, “ They rose to the challenge,” – so will this next group of skillful brains.