College Television Awards Wait for Online Contest Software Submissions

Get your foot in the door

Since 1978, The College Television Awards have been honoring students and their excellent work. The award ceremony is designed to look like that of the Emmy Awards and the judges are actually active Television Academy members. Skild has been fortunate enough to help with the competition management and online contest software in the past– allowing the judging process to go rather smoothly. Students enter their work, go through 3 judging rounds, and if they win – they get a cash prize as well as a flight to Los Angeles. This is a big opportunity for students as they search for their career and even in a sense, a foot in the door.


What are you interested in?

This next year will mark the 37th College Television Awards. But the time to enter submission is not over yet! Students still have all the way up until January 31, 2016. The rules of the submissions all depend on what category you are interested in entering.  The categories are:

  • Animation
  • Children’s Program
  • Comedy
  • Commercial
  • Documentary
  • Drama
  • Loreen Arbus Focus on Disability
  • Magazine
  • Music – Best Composition
  • Newscast
  • Series – Unscripted
  • Variety

To check out the guidelines for each of these categories, you can find them on the Emmy’s website here.

Enrolled in United States College Submissions

All applicants must be in enrolled in college at the time of production and completion of work.  While this seems obvious, not everyone applying may realize that they aren’t eligible.  Be sure to take a look at what the rules entail before applying. Some obvious rules that everyone entering should know can be found on the Emmys website for CTA Rules & Eligibility.

Don’t be afraid to follow your dreams

The Television Academy has taken the reigns for the online contest management this year and Skild couldn’t be more proud. We support the work they do because their challenge is giving a chance to college students with high aspirations. And while hundreds of college students may enter  – don’t be discouraged! All pieces are unique and who knows? With hard work and dedication, you could be receiving an Emmy Award for this year’s 37th College Television Awards! So don’t be afraid to follow your dreams, no matter how scary they may seem.