Skild Recognizes Green and Sustainable Chemistry Innovation Contest Finalists

5 Finalists have been chosen

The Elsevier Green and Sustainable Chemistry innovation contest is helping make living easier for those in underdeveloped countries. The competition has narrowed down the finalists from 61 candidates to only 5! This was not an easy process for the judges who had looked over 500 innovative inventions in the beginning of their judging. Skild, who is managing the competition, found this contest to be extremely inspirational and wants to commemorate the finalists for their hard work and brilliant minds. The Director of the Institute of Sustainable and Environmental Chemistry at Leuphana University, Professor Dr. Klaus Kümmerer stated:


“We are delighted with the response that we received from participants all over the world. The great number of submitted proposals does not only underline the importance and relevance of this topic but demonstrates that fantastic ideas and initiatives exist already, which – with more support – could make a tremendous difference.”

The brilliant people and their ideas

The 5 finalists and their projects are:

  1. Anindya Ghosh Roy (University of Munich) – To provide an eco-friendly, low cost clean water solution
  2. Daniel Joe Dailin (Universiti Teknologi Petronas, Malaysia) – Biopesticide for Improvement of Paddy Yield
  3. Yunsang Kim (Georgia Institute of Technology) – Sustainable Textile Dyeing Using Nanocellulosic Fibers
  4. Eric Wei Chiang Chan (UCSI University of Malaysia) – Sustainable Fertilizer Delivery Systems and Biosorbents
  5. Lucian A. Lucia (University of Florida) – BIO-AQUA Water Purification

Stay updated to find out who will win

On April 4-6 of this year, the 5 finalists above will have the opportunity to talk about their proposals at the First International Green Sustainable Chemistry Conference in Berlin, Germany. The judges will choose a winner and announce who it is on that same day. The first prizewinner will receive a cash prize of €50,000 and the second prizewinner will receive €25,000.

The Green and Sustainable Chemistry Challenge is just one of many innovation contests that Skild has helped develop – and it won’t be the last. As long as there are minds out there willing to be innovative, we will always be looking to manage these epic competitions.