43North Competition Platform ’14 Winner included in Forbes’ 30 Under 30

Making his way to Forbes

The 43North competition platform that Skild was a part of was a huge success. The winners have since been working on their projects – some catching the eyes of big businesses. One founder in particular, Daniel Shani of Energy Intelligence has recently been put on Forbes’ 30 Under 30 issue in the Energy Category.


Energy Intelligence Origin Story

In 2014, Shani had the opportunity to share his idea by entering the 43North Competition management system. The main purpose for Energy Intelligence is to harness the energy wasted on a braking car and put it towards something useful. With this incredible idea, Shani received $500,000 after becoming one of the winners of 43North’s challenge through their competition software. On how he came up with Energy Intelligence, he stated:

“A few years ago, on my drive home from work, I was stuck in traffic. I couldn’t stop thinking about all the cars around me and the gas they were wasting with every start and stop. Then I thought… what a waste of energy when cars slow down in approach to a toll plaza, wearing down their brakes only to speed up a few seconds later. Couldn’t we do something with all of that wasted energy?? That was the day Energy Intelligence was born. The dream was to capture waste energy from braking vehicles by building something on the road, rather than inside every vehicle, to tap into the aggregate power of traffic.”

Simple yet effective

Now with Energy Intelligence’s success, they have been able to create a system that allows the energy used from vehicles coming to a halt and utilizing it towards nearby technology. The system used to generate the power from the cars is a thin rubber mat that lays flat on the road in high-traffic areas. A few slow down areas where Energy Intelligence pinpoints are places such as:

  • Parking garage entrances
  • Toll plazas
  • Weigh stations

Skild is a competition management software company that strives to make sure that the platform for the challenge goes smoothly and exactly the way it is supposed to during the judging process. Because of this competition management, innovative ideas like Energy Intelligence can be born and made into a reality.