Skild Recalls Community College Innovation Contest 2015 Winners

This is now the second year that Skild has been honored with creating the platform for the Community College Innovation contest. Its main purpose is to challenge students from community colleges to find solutions to real-world problems through use of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM). Community colleges hold about 40 percent of the U.S. undergraduates so it’s great to see a competition aimed at such a large and smart group of people. The application period may be over as of February 15th, but there are still a few judging rounds until the finalists are chosen.

Community College Innovation Contest

The success from last years challenge has made it possible for this competition to continue and change the lives of many. We are so excited to see what the students come up with for this year, but we couldn’t forget about the 2015 Winners.

1st Place Winners:

Mobile Medical Disaster Relied Dispensation Unit – Red Rocks Community College

During times of extreme disasters, it is crucial that medical teams can respond quickly. Unfortunately, in the midst of responding so quickly to the chaos, there is no efficient way to organize and track the medicine they need dispensed. This process or lack of process makes it easy for mistakes to occur. But the team from Red Rocks Community College found a way to create a portable device that can quickly get the medicine needed as well as record where and who administered the medicine. All a doctor would need to do would be to swipe a Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) tracker and if the device recognizes the tag – then voila!  It dispenses the medicine and records the transaction. Disasters are already messy, but with the help of this invention, doctors won’t be adding to that chaos.

2nd Place Winners:

Biosensor for Coliphage a.k.a Betadataquantatada Ivy Tech Community College of Indiana

Drinking a glass of fresh-clean water is no big deal, right? Wrong! It’s huge and people in underdeveloped countries are generally not as lucky as we are in the United States. Fresh water isn’t always nearby and on average, 5,000 people die due to contaminate water everyday! Coliphage is a virus in contaminated water that indicates if there is E. coli in it. The proper tools to find out if the water is safe can be expensive and time consuming taking up to four days for results! The team at Ivy Tech created a hand held Biosensor that will determine if Coliphage is in water within a couple of hours. No lab is needed – cutting the costs in an extreme way! Biosensor for Coliphage could be just what the world needed for clean drinking water!

So as you can tell, the Community College Challenge is more than a competition. This is a way to bring people together in order to make an impact on our world. Innovation contests like these are making a difference and we are proud to be a part of it!