Carbon Mitigation and Why the Global Friends Prizes Contest Platform is So Important To It

Preventing intense climate change

The Earth has been going through a lot of changes recently and unfortunately, a lot of them are affecting our planet for the worse. This is why carbon mitigation is so important right now. Carbon mitigation is all about making an effort to prevent the emission of greenhouse gases. Because we have a big reliance on fossil fuels such as coal, oil, etc., the emissions from these gases have risen exponentially. So now the need for reducing these gases in order to help create a more balanced atmosphere is crucial. And this is exactly why contest software like that of the Global Friends Prizes Challenge is imperative to not only the people participating, but also to the impact it could have on the entire world!

Carbon Mitigation

Using money to fight the problem

The Global Friends Prizes states on their website that they are all about, “deploying tangible activities, technologies, and solutions that empower individuals to limit climate change to well below 2 degrees Celsius.” Three groups will each receive $500,000 apiece if they are able to, “ignite the public’s imagination around carbon mitigation, both on individual and societal levels.” The money that each organization wins will go towards furthering their efforts in reducing carbon emissions.

Prizewinners announced by December

Organizations who are interested in applying through this contest management system have until April 30th to register. The contest platform judging process will take some time with Phase 1 of the competition lasting from February 3- May 7, Phase 2 of the competition lasting from May 8 – June 15, and finally ending with the prizewinners being officially selected in July. Those who win will be awarded in December 2016.

Skild, who is handling the contest management software for the Global Friends Prizes, knows that this challenge is a vital to helping our world become a better, less polluted, place. This competition and its contest management are finding ways to make sure our atmosphere is suitable for the future. Skild is excited to see the outcome of this challenge on its participants and on how the temperature may be influenced by it.