You’ll Want to Get Involved With the Crash the Parties Competition Platform

The 2016 presidential candidates this year have so far been quite the interesting group. Wouldn’t it be exciting to be able to interview the frontrunners and find out all the answers to your burning questions? Now with the 2016 Crash The Parties 2016, powered by Skild’s competition software, you could win a chance to actually make this dream happen! By entering a video discussing why you deserve to go, your video could get you selected to report at the Democratic and Republican National conventions.

competition platform

Here’s what you have to do:

1. Make a video!

Take a video with your phone if you have to and explain the details on why you want to be talking to the presidential nominees.

2. Submit it!

This doesn’t really need an explanation because it’s as simple as that! Enter your video and you are basically halfway done.

3. Get the votes!

With this competition management system, you get to be voted on by first your peers and then by the professional judges. Once your video is submitted, make sure to share the video with everyone you know so you can get as many votes as you can!

After this first phase, which ends on May 15, it’s a waiting game. On May 16 – May 31 – the public voting can begin! And then finally from June 1 – June 10 – the expert voting begins. The distinguished judges to be deciding on the finalists are:

  • Alejandra Campoverdi – Director of Multicultural Content at Los Angeles Times
  • Jose Antonio Vargas – Pulitzer Prize Winning Journalist and Founder of Define America and #EmergingUS
  • Katharine Vargas – Public Affairs Manager at Google; Former Director of Hispanic Media at The White House
  • Lizza Monet Morales – Actor, TV Host and Content Creator
  • Rachel Maddow – MSNBC Host
  • More!

Skild’s competition management software handles the organization of the challenge – essentially making sure everything runs smoothly. With this competition software, the progress of the contest will be monitored in order to keep track of every detail of the process. The competition management will make sure that all submissions follow the guidelines so that the judges can easily evaluate the criteria.  All you need to worry about is submitting the best video you can and it could be you at this years Democratic and Republican National Conventions!