Study Behind KaBOOM! Contest Platform to Make Cities More Playable

Kids need imagination and an active life. Without it, their development is limited. Many studies have shown that it is crucial for kids to have more active play in their life because children really need that stimulation to help build a creative mind. That’s why KaBOOM!, a competition set up by Skild’s contest management software, has created a challenge aimed at finding a solution to this problem. The KaBOOM! contest platform has built this challenge in hope to find the best ways to incorporate play for kids in everyday situations. Some of those ways could be placed in:

  • Sidewalks
  • Vacant lots
  • Bus stops
  • Open streets

contest platform

Unfortunately, not all children are lucky enough to get a lot of playtime. Depending on the community that they are born into, they may get less time for play outside because they are located somewhere that isn’t safe. KaBOOM! teamed up with Ideas42, to use behavioral economics to find out how cities could get kids to actively play more. Through interviews, observing data, and more – KaBOOM! and Ideas42 found that coming up with this challenge could be the answer to the problem. Writers of the study, Sara Welch and Shawn Lin believe that a big solution to this problem is making everywhere a good place to play. For example, if you are sitting around and waiting for a bus to come – this could be the best opportunity you get all day to let your kid play outside. But if it’s not really a play area, then it doesn’t seem comfortable to let your child wander.  This is why coming up with play areas in unexpected places “can turn moments of frustration into fun-filled moments of engaged family time,” according to Welch and Lin.

So now, KaBOOM! is using Skild’s contest management system to find the most innovative ideas and give away $1 million to make them become a reality. Skild’s contest software makes the process of running this competition less complicated so that everything runs smoothly. KaBOOM! has already created over 2,500 playgrounds in the United States and with Skild’s contest management helping out, they will continue to make a difference for future generations.