Skild Delves into Winners of the 2016 Enter Prize Innovation Contest Ideas

Good businesses don’t always make it – and it’s a shame that happens. Many entrepreneurs have trouble getting their business to progress because they lack the resources to do it. Now with the 2016 Amarillo EnterPrize Challenge, this innovation contest has awarded participants from either already existing businesses or new ones both with brilliant plans. 7 companies went away with more money then they came with, two of which left with $100,000 each. Those two were Libby Lane Leather and Battle Beaver Customs.

Libby Lane Leather, is basically a one-person business. Libby Lane, the 29-year old founder and owner, was the only woman at the event to present her hand crafted leather company. Because she is one of the winners of this years challenge, Lane can do all the things she hasn’t been able to with the generous grant she received. For one thing: Get employees. “I plan to hire three this year, and then from there, three a year,” Lane stated.

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Battle Beaver Customs, who also won the $100,000, repairs and manufactures gaming equipment for all kinds of gamers. One of the most beneficial parts that the president of the company, Chris Bailey, believes this grant will help with is compete with Logitech and Mad Catz. He said, “ It’ll allow us to have a significant influx in our inventory and in a couple of specialized R&D products that we have spec’d out. With the increase in inventory, we’ll probably wind up having to hire another five people.”

The other winners who took home money from the EnterPrize Challenge include:

  • SciCron Technologies
  • Optimum Rope Access Solutions
  • IAN Group
  • Com
  • The Funeral App

Skild is ecstatic to be a part innovation contests like Amarillo EnterPrize Challenge. These competitions aren’t just about the money – it’s about finding companies that have the drive to come up with a strategy, problem-solve, and create a solid business plan. Just like David Terry, Enterprise Center Executive Director, said, “It’s a race for relevance for these startups and early-stage companies to really find the customers who care most about the problem or need their company solves.”