Rowan University’s ProfHacks Hackathon Recognizes 3 Ideas

If you are interested in creating better ways to live through the use of technology, then being a part of a hackathon is a must for you. Many engineering students at Rowan University felt that it was a good idea to get one of their very own started and a recently on March 12-13, their first hackathon was born – ProfHacks!

profhacks hackathon

Most hackathons are given a short time period to come up with an idea and actually build it. The participants of ProfHacks were given 24 hours to complete their projects and submit them in time for judging. While hundreds of projects were brilliant, Skild really wanted to stop and admire these three:

1. Drivr

The whole goal of Drivr is to make sure new drivers are driving safer with the use of a heads-up display (HUD). Drivr gives the drivers the ability to keep their hands on the wheel and control everything with the use of specific hand gestures. The best part of Drivr is that it shows drivers information on road conditions and other alerts in order to avoid situations that could cause an accident. The team for Drivr hopes that after some more work, their creation will be efficient enough to be put in future cars.

2. SimpleNews

This project is all about taking an article and simplifying its contents. As the team of SimpleNews puts it, “Who wants to read a gigantic article when you can get all the information you need from the major points?” This is great for anyone who is intimidated by complex articles and needs some help understanding them.

3. Make Nest Great Again

If you and the people you live with constantly change the thermostat to fit temperatures you prefer, Make Nest Great Again is for your household. Instead of one person being in charge of the thermostat, this system allows everyone to put in the temperature they prefer, and the Nest thermostat takes the average. With this information it goes ahead and sets the best temperature for the home. It’s like magic!

Skild may not have been a part of this hackathon, but it’s hard to not admire what they put together. It’s amazing what people can come up with in such a short time period!