Does San Diego SmartCity Hackathon Have the Solution for Climate Change?

The struggle we face with climate change

With issues as imperative as global warming, sometimes we need solutions created quickly. In order to assist the Climate Action Plan that the San Diego City Council had taken on, they decided to create an event that would help defeat greenhouse gases. The city of San Diego started the San Diego SmartCity Hackathon and Innovation Program to try and combat climate change as swiftly as possible. With the help of over 250 developers, programmers, creative thinkers, engineers, and more coming up with innovative ideas, the chances for finding solutions were more than possible. Professor of electrical and computer engineering of the Center for Wireless Communications at UC San Diego Sjuit Dey said, “What we are doing is creating a kind of living laboratory in the City of San Diego.” On May 20th-22nd, the SmartCity hackathon was held at UC San Diego and went on to find a helpful solution to the climate changing problems the city has been facing.

Climate Change

Sharing a ride could make the world better

The 3- day competition awarded $5,000 to the App, Routed, and the winner of the hackathon. This invention is so great for reducing greenhouse gases because it reports ride sharing opportunities to people who use the app and avoid putting more vehicles out on the road – especially on traffic congested days and times. Together, Kirk Davis, Chuanqiao Huang, Sara Attou, and Matthew Attou created Routed to get people from one place to the other without unnecessarily adding more pollution out into the world. With fewer cars on the road, this could make quite a difference.

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Hackathons are a fantastic way to bring innovative ideas to life with the help of like-minded individuals. The San Diego SmartCity Hackathon is a perfect example because without the group that was present those three days, there may not have been such a brilliant outcome. Now thanks to the teamwork, these problems that San Diego has been working to fight, may finally be getting resolved.