Solving Health Problems With Cars? The Ford Motor Contest Platform Gets Creative

Cars are getting to the point where their technology can do so much – so why not use it’s technology to find ways to monitor people with chronic illnesses and health conditions? If cars have the ability to use night vision to detect a pedestrian and even drive themselves, finding ways to manage a person’s medical health should be doable. Skild has been honored with powering the Ford Motor Company and Henry Ford Health System contest platform that aims to better protect lives with the use of car technology. People over the age of 18 have been invited to participate in the challenge and have the opportunity to win $10,000 in prizes! The challenge will be over and the winners will be selected and announced on June 14, 2016.

Car Technology

Right now, 90 percent of senior citizens and about half of Americans are living with chronic health conditions. Most of the time chronic illnesses can be managed rather well, as long the patient follows through with their checkups and visits throughout the year. But if there were a monitoring system that physicians could use to check on the health of the patient away from the doctor’s office, this would be a better tool at managing the patient’s health. Because we spend so much time in a car getting from place to place, it only seems logical to utilize that time doing something productive. This is why the Ford Motor Company and Henry Ford Health System believe cars could be fantastic for doctors monitoring people with a chronic illness. And with some contest management coming from Skild, finding the innovative ideas to make that happen is closer than you think.

A few topics the contest management system is looking for from the projects have to do with are personal healthcare, managing healthcare, and healthcare delivery all within the vehicle. Skild’s contest management software for this challenge will make sure the judging process will go smoothly and that only the very best ideas that follow the guidelines will be chosen. With the help of Skild’s contest software, people who face chronic illnesses may actually get the management help they need.