Vote for Your Favorite Paradigm Innovation Competition Entry

The Paradigm Challenge is a unique contest that aims at inspiring youth to create innovative ideas that could fix social issues. This may be only the first year of the paradigm innovation competition is taking off, but kids from 7-18 have sent in an overwhelming amount of entries that work to help with the challenges goals- prevent injuries and fatalities from home fires. While it may seem like fires in the home are not a big problem, they are actually America’s number one disaster threat! One hundred of those entries have been chosen to go to the next round and are available to be voted on until August 30th. All of the entries should be judged on at least by their originality, effectiveness, and feasibility. While all projects were outstanding, here are just three outstanding entries to help you get a better idea of what to expect when voting:

Cooking Safety

  • AGNI – If you ever listen to music with headphones on, this app was made for you. The point of this project is to stop the music you are listening to on your phone and alert you to evacuate due to the fire it detects in your home. Many people don’t hear the fire alarm, which is a big reason they don’t make it out of the fire in time. This will prevent that from ever occurring.
  • Hot Shot Sprinkler – With a sprinkler that can detect, aim at, and extinguish a fire efficiently is one we all want in our home. With this invention, that may become an actuality in the near future!
  • Stove Safe Timer Dials – This unique item would be used so that the stove could only turn on when the dial was set and then would turn off automatically after that time had passed. This is fantastic for people who may be forgetful about leaving food on the stove.

The finalists from the Paradigm Challenge will be given cash prizes for their hard work to be used for college or other dreams they may want to accomplish. The prizes are:

Grand Prize: $100,000 will be given to one of the first place teams
1st place: $20,000 will be given to 2 teams
2nd place: $10,000 will be given to 3 teams
3rd place: $5000 will be given to 3 teams
Finalists: $500 will be given to 91 teams

Skild believes strongly in the power of innovation competitions because of what they do for the world. But not only will the Paradigm Challenge change the world for the better by preventing deaths and injuries from home fires, they will also motivate and inspire young adults to make a difference. Skild couldn’t ask for a better challenge.