Past Winners of the RELX Group Environmental Innovation Contest Pave the Way for the 5th Year

Did you know that 1 in 10 people lack access to safe water? Sometimes it’s easy to overlook how difficult getting a drink of water can be in underdeveloped areas because we can have a glass whenever we want. That’s why Skild is so proud to be managing the RELX Group Environmental Challenge. The goal of this competition is to find a project out there that will help provide sustainable access to safe water.  While the winners won’t be announced until fall of this year, you can take a look at the winners from last year’s innovation contest in the meantime. The next finalists have some large shoes to fill – but we are confident that this year’s finalists will exceed our already high expectations.

Hand Washing

2015 winner

Alternative Indigenous Development Foundation (AIDFI) was last year’s winner of the RELX Group Challenge. With the use of a hydraulic ram pump, people in rural areas will be able to drink clean water with little to no struggle. The amazing thing about a hydraulic ram pump is that it requires no electricity and no gasoline to get going. All it needs is gravity and pressure from the water, which will then pump out enough clean water for about 600 people! AIDFI has had success in other countries as well, almost always using local materials to make the pump.

2014 Winner

In 2014, the Sustainable Sanitation Design won the environmental challenge. Their vision was to create unisex urinals for Ugandan people living in the slums so that they would have access to sanitation facilities. Because the urinal product is an above ground system, the people of Uganda won’t have to worry about polluted groundwater. By providing these urinals in about 10,000 households they are able to serve a large amount of people while at the same time collect urine and use it as fertilizer for local agriculture.

Skild is happy to be powering innovation contests, especially when they tackle such important topics like this one. There is no doubt in our mind that the 2016 winners will have promising ideas and creations to help people get access to clean water.