Meet the Phase 1 Winners of the Bridging the Gap Competition Platform

Children from low-income families may get the same love as children from high-income families, but unfortunately they don’t get the same vocabulary. In fact, according to the Word Gap Challenge website, “By age three, children from low-income families are hearing 30 million fewer words than those from higher-income families.” This is not good. Language skills, performance in school, and eventually careers can be affected by this lack of vocab. With the Bridging the Word Gap Challenge, Skild will manage the competition platform to help make sure that children from all families have the same opportunity to reach success. So the goal is, what can we create to help guardians talk with young children more? The 10 Phase 1 winners have been picked through the competition software to create a prototype of their ideas in order to test it out. Below are a 3 of the phase 1 winners and a brief summary from the website of what their project does.

Mother and Child

  • Beginning with Babble – “A mobile app that reminds caregivers to interact with their baby through a variety of developmentally appropriate stimuli that are situationally based and scaffolded by prior success, babies’ interests, and parent engagement.”
  • RX For Success – “An age-indexed, culturally diverse tablet-based program for parents, with an accompanying smartphone cuing system, and a Web-based resource for medical providers, built on the reach out and Read model.”
  • Time2Talk2Baby – “An audio coaching app for parents and caregivers that delivers daily recorded messages for the first three years of a child’s life. Messages will promote parent-child bonding and verbal interaction.

For more of the Phase 1 winners and information on each of them, you can check the Word Gap Challenge website here.

Through Skild’s competition management software, the phase 1 winners were chosen without any issues. We are a dedicated team that works hard to make sure that the management of the competition is professionally set up. Skild will continue to be a large part of the competition management system all the way until the end of the event in 2017. Basically, when we really believe in something such as the Bridging the Word Gap Challenge, we work 110 percent to make sure it goes smoothly. Check back to the Skild website in August to find out who makes it to Phase 2.