Technica All-Women Hackathon Encourages Women to Immerse Themselves in Technology

November 5-6, 2016 the University of Maryland will host a 24-hour, all-women hackathon. Called Technica, the event is intended to encourage women to exercise their imagination to create interesting and innovative hacks. Unlike most hackathons, Technica is asking sponsors to be in the trenches with students in order to help participants make strong connections with businesses and the tech world.


The desire among businesses to see gender barriers removed from the technology industry was underscored in 2015 by the list of leading companies that sponsored the Technica All-Women Hackathon. They included big names like:

  • JPMorgan Chase & Co.
  • Capital One
  • Amazon Web Services
  • Google
  • General Dynamics

A similar sponsor turnout is expected this year.

The Details

Key information on the hackathon is below. Get all the details at

How do I register?

You can pre-register with your email at the hackathon website, Official registration opened on Wednesday August 31st, 2016. Technica admission will be granted on a first-come-first-serve basis.

Why make an all-ladies hackathon?

Women are underrepresented in the tech world, but it’s up to us ladies to change that! We are creating a welcoming environment to show that there is a place in tech for every lady out there while building cool projects and sharing stories at Technica.

Do I need to know how to code?

Students of all skill levels are encouraged to attend, even if you’ve never written a line of code. We’re prepared to teach you everything you need to learn right here while also supporting the most experienced hackers.

Is the event free to attend?

Technica is free for all participants thanks to our amazing sponsors! The event includes admission, food, overnight stay, and a lot of free gear and swag!

How do I get to the event?

We will be providing and announcing bus routes (the more sign-ups for your city, the more likely it is there will be a bus!). There will also be information about individual travel reimbursements and the process of getting one released closer to the event date.

Give It Up for Closing the Tech Gender Gap!

At Skild, we think technology is a field that should be open to everyone. (Really, every field should be.) Hackathons that expose underrepresented groups to tech are awesome. We’re eager to hear about how this year’s Technical All-Women Hackathon goes!