Skild Online Contest Management Powers the LEADing Practice Challenge

Launched in 2011, ImagineNation Challenges is a Canadian organization that seeks to inspire innovative ideas in healthcare and to support a community of innovators in Canada through various kinds of challenges. While each of the 12 challenges they have promoted is different, they all have the same objective: to improve the quality of care and enhance the experience of patients in the Canadian healthcare system. ImagineNation is using the Skild online contest management software to coordinate the LEADing Practice Challenge.

LEADing Practice Challenge

About the LEADing Practice Challenge

The use of digital health technologies in Canada is growing faster than ever. For the past three years, the LEADing Practices Initiative has been showcasing outstanding uses of digital health technology in patient care. This year, the LEADing Practices Initiative is partnering with ImagineNation Challenges to put the spotlight on consumer digital health technology.

The LEADing Practice Challenge is looking for healthcare teams or organization that are breaking new ground in connecting with patients through digital health technologies to help improve the patient experience. By sharing their stories, teams and organization can earn a share of $12,000 in awards.

Any Canadian healthcare team that has implemented one or more digital health technologies can participate in the Challenge. Consumer digital health technologies are defined as “solutions or applications that enable people to collect, retrieve, manage, use and share their personal health information or other health-related data with health care providers.” The Challenge recognizes the value of these technologies in making it easier for patients and care providers to interact regardless of where they are.

Teams can submit their LEADing Practice Challenge entry as a PowerPoint presentation or a video with an accompanying written transcript. LEADing Practice Awards will be given to up to three teams based on scoring from a panel of judges using pre-set criteria. The $12,000 in awards breaks down as:

  • First: $6,000
  • Second: $4,000
  • Third: $2,000

What’s in a Name?

The Challenge defines a “LEADing” practice as one that capitalizes on the ability of digital health technology to improve the patient experience, and that represents these best practice characteristics in a clinical setting:

  • Learning from others
  • Exemplifying benefits
  • Accelerating adoption
  • Delivering results.

Improving healthcare through innovation is a very worthy objective, and Skild is honored to partner with the LEADing Practice Challenge through our online contest software.