Polsinelli Innovation Hackathon Focuses on Midwest Technology Excellence

Global Midwest Alliance is an organization that represents more than 150 companies and institutions from around the Midwest to encourage connectivity, benchmarking, marketing, and support for the commercialization of technology in the region. In collaboration, with Polsinelli, a law firm with 750 attorneys in 100 offices, they are putting on their 8th Annual Innovation Competition.


The challenge was created to help emerging companies and those seeking venture capital get noticed and make connections. The competition showcases developers of new technologies that offer significant returns for investors and customers while providing solutions to global challenges. Past hackathon and innovation competition participants have gone on to win other competitions, obtain funding, engage with new partners, and win business opportunities.

Competition entries may include products, services, and technologies in the areas of:

  • Renewable and alternative energy
  • Infrastructure and community
  • Food and agriculture
  • Manufacturing and industrial
  • Water
  • Logistics and sustainable distribution

Among the benefits that participants are achieving with their products and services are:

  • Improved resource utilization
  • More productive and responsible use of natural resources
  • Reduced negative ecological impact

What’s at Stake?

Submissions will be judged by a panel of experts including venture capitalists, business executives, and representatives from universities in the region. The top five competition finalists receive coaching from an experienced competition judge and have the opportunity to present their technologies to an audience of investors, entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, and corporate R&D and business development executives.

The top three finalists will be named at the April 4, 2017, showcase and receive cash prizes In addition to a cash prize, the competition winner receives $10,000 in free legal services from Polsinelli.

How Do I Enter?

  • To enter, please visit the Competition site. Entries must be received no later than March 1, 2017 (11:59 p.m. CST).
  • Finalists will be notified of acceptance by March 17, 2017.
  • There is no cost to apply or present at the April 4 program.
  • The competition judging panel reserves the right to disqualify submissions not adhering to the application requirements or to request resubmission in the event that application criteria are not met.
  • Applicants located outside of the U.S. will have the option to submit a video presentation instead of attending in person. These finalists will be notified and will need to arrange to submit their video prior to March 27, 2017.

Making Waves in the Midwest

An innovation competition or hackathon is an excellent way to highlight the expertise of a city, state, or region. At Skild, we love to see innovators get their time in the limelight. We’ll be eager to hear what kind of ideas come out of some of the Midwest’s brightest minds.