Help Open the Door to New Possibilities at BrickHack 3 Competition Platform

Interested in creating the impossible? Sure, who isn’t! That’s what they’ll be doing at BrickHack 3, a hackathon at Rochester Institute of Technology on February 11-12, 2017. The event is open to “makers” of all kinds, but in particular it will appeal to:

  • If you’ve got a passion for creating beautiful things, you’ll have the chance to work with lots of like-minded people on projects such as creating a new brand or developing a marketing strategy.
  • If you enjoy creating elegant code, solving problems, or turning ideas into reality, you’ll have the chance here.
  • Love working with hardware? Enjoy changing the way we interact with our devices (or they interact with us)? There will be a hardware lab at your disposal.

Competition Management System

If you’re unfamiliar with what a hackathon is, the organizers have a great way to look at it. They call it an “invention marathon.” It’s an event that brings together people with interests in all areas of technology with a goal of first and foremost having some fun in a creative, energetic, and welcoming environment. But if you and the other participants come up with ideas or solutions that change the world, that would be great too!

The event is free and open to college students and those who have graduated in the past 12 months from across the U.S. and Canada. If you don’t fit that description, the organizers would still welcome you as a mentor or volunteer. Food and beverages are provided, along with some great swag.

Organizers will start sending acceptance notifications on February 8. Applications received on or after that date will be placed on a waitlist.

Impossible, Meet Possible

At Skild, we’re big believers in “possible.” That’s why we developed our hackathon competition platform. By making it easier for organizers to manage their event, we allow them to focus even more of their energy on giving the boot to “impossible.” Even if an event isn’t using our competition management system, we strongly support the people involved, as we know they’re working on making a better world for all of us! Here’s wishing tremendous success to the participants at BrickHack 3!