Valeo Innovation Contest Seeks to Make the Cars of 2030 More Intelligent

Valeo is an automotive supplier based in France that partners with automobile manufacturers worldwide. With an annual research and development budget of over one billion euros, the company is very focused on innovation. And it values new ideas, wherever they come from. The Valeo Innovation Contest encourages students around the world to get involved in making the cars of 2030 smarter, more intuitive, more earth-friendly, and more fun.

Participants will work in teams of two to five people. Each team will have a leader who is the contact person with Valeo. For the first time, teams can include a teacher. Team composition and project focus can be changed up until the end of the registration phase on January 31, 2017.

Intelligent Cars

Contest Details

Awards will be given in two categories: Best Technological Innovation and Best New Ways to Use Cars. A prize of 10,000 euros will be given to second place finishers in both categories, with 100,000 euros awarded as the first prize.

The competition is open to students worldwide who have completed their high school education. Only one entry is allowed per person. Participants must be able to travel internationally and possess a passport that is valid in October 2017 and for six months after.

Projects must meet these requirements:

  • Submission of a Phase 1 presentation that is three pages maximum and includes authorized illustrations (photos, diagrams)
  • Documents drafted in English

Submissions must include a summary of your project that is 20 and 30 lines maximum. No pictures or graphics, acronyms or reference to proposal’s chapters are allowed in this section. Submissions must answer these questions:

  1. What is the problem or situation to improve?
  2. What is/are the current solution(s), if any?
  3. What is your solution?
  4. What type of model demonstration (proof of concept) are you considering and how do you plan to build it?

Projects will be judged based on these criteria:

  • Bold, innovative and original idea of the project (50%)
  • Challenges and relevance of the problem dealt with and factoring in of society’s expectations (20%)
  • Knowledge of technical / related matters (10%)
  • Feasibility of proof of concept (10%)
  • Quality of presentation (10%)

Driving Innovation

For the majority of Americans, cars play a major role in our daily lives. That’s why at Skild we love to see innovation contests that push the boundaries of automotive technology. What will cars look like in 2030? And more importantly, what will they “act” like? We can’t wait to see. This is a competition we’ll be watching closely.