Join 499 of Your Peers at the HackPrinceton Hackathon

Full of ground-breaking tech ideas but have nowhere to express them? Enjoy 36 hours of pure hacking bliss at the HackPrinceton Hackathon March 31 through April 2, 2017 in Princeton, NJ. Past sponsors include Microsoft, Facebook, Capital One, and Twitter, so you know the free food, swag, prizes, and available technology will be great!

The Scoop on the HackPrinceton Hackathon

The HackPrinceton Hackathon will bring 500 developers and designers to Princeton from all across the U.S. The theme is “Spring Forward,” and participants will be challenged to create unique, progressive, amazing projects. Any undergraduate or graduate student at any college in the world is eligible to attend.


At the event you’ll get to know other hackers, expand your technical expertise, and get insights from experienced mentors. And you don’t have to have a team or an idea in order to participate. The organizers can help you with both. They’ll also be providing some cutting-edge tech to work with, including:

  • Raspberry Pis + kits + touchscreens
  • Arduinos + kits
  • Oculus Rifts
  • Sparkcore
  • Myo Bands
  • Pebble Smartwatch
  • Servos, Motors and Gears
  • Soldering irons
  • Wire cutters, strippers, pliers
  • Laser cutter + acrylic

Whether you’re new to hacking or a seasoned veteran, you’ll enjoy the collaborative, supportive atmosphere at HackPrinceton. And who knows… you may come up with an idea that rocks the world!

Need a lift? Organizers will be sending buses to certain schools. They’ll also be providing travel reimbursements to many attendees to help defray that cost. Will there be some place to get a few hours of shuteye at the event? Absolutely. The organizers are providing free on-campus housing at Princeton for hackers that request it. They are also partnering with a nearby Courtyard by Marriott Princeton to get discounted rates on hotel rooms and free daytime shuttle service to the event site.

Get Your Hack On!

Does the HackPrinceton hackathon sound like the perfect place to put your great ideas to the test? If so, you can learn more or apply here. Many of us at Skild wish we could attend. Happy hacking!