Citi Launches Tech for Integrity Innovation Contest

Citi, the international banking organization, has launched the Citi Tech for Integrity Challenge (T4I). The innovation contest looks to encourage inventors and innovators worldwide to develop advanced solutions that will promote integrity, accountability, and transparency in public sector entities. Something that both the organizers and the entities themselves agree is lacking.

The challenge will provide organizations in the public sector with technology designed to make their operations more efficient and transparent. It is being presented as a joint effort among private and public sector partners that include PwC, Microsoft, Facebook, MasterCard, and IBM. The innovation contest is an “open invitation” event that welcomes companies of all types and sizes.

developing advanced solutions

Tech Assistance for the Public Sector

T4I will assist innovators by providing the infrastructure and support they need to explore new ideas and create technology solutions custom-made for this industry. Selected applicants will get mentoring, education, and assistance with infrastructure through a virtual accelerator program that will run until April.

Those chosen as finalists will present their innovations at Demo Day events in May and June in a number of cities around the world, including:

  • Buenos Aires
  • Dublin
  • Hyderabad
  • Mexico City
  • Singapore

What’s at Stake?

Companies that participate in Demo Day presentations will have the opportunity to collaborate with any government or business that expresses an interest in learning more about their integrity solutions and how they might benefit their organization. For many participants, this might mean the start of a new business venture.

A Unique Innovation Competition

We coordinate and manage all kinds of innovation contests and challenges here at Skild. And we follow others that we aren’t involved in simply because we’re fascinated by the great ideas they produce.

The T4I Challenge is especially interesting to us, as it’s not every day that you see an industry embrace the idea of making its internal workings more visible. While it’s probably safe to say that nobody loves oversight, we’d all agree that it is very helpful in ensuring that an entity operates as efficiently and fairly as possible. So we salute Citi, its partners, challenge participants, and public sector entities that are promoting this event!