Ghana’s Jubilee Competition Platform Gets Underway

The Republic of Ghana is a country in West Africa with a population of approximately 27 million. Rich in natural resources, those reserves have historically been the backbone of the Ghana’s economy. However, there is an economic plan in place known as Ghana Vision 2020. It lays out steps for Ghana to be the first African country to become a developed country between 2020 and 2029 and a newly industrialized nation between 2030 and 2039.

Part of that process will be encouraging technological innovation. Recently, the Planning Committee for what’s called the Ghana at 60 Anniversary announced a competition platform referred to as the Jubilee Innovation Challenge. Its goal is to challenge youth and adults ages 18 to 35 to come up with creative solutions for societal problems.

jubilee competition platform

About the Jubilee Innovation Challenge

The Planning Committee is looking for creative ideas for tackling issues in healthcare, education, and science and technology. Ideas for better local governance and management of industrial and manufacturing activities are also being sought.

The Challenge is being promoted as competition software for people to contribute to helping the nation develop. Applications are being accepted from February 22 through May 19, 2017. Finalists will be announced in early July with an awards ceremony taking place later in the month. The winner will receive a GH¢100,000 prize package (or a little over $200,000).

Organizers hope that the event will help Ghana develop the kind of forward momentum that countries like Thailand, Malaysia, and South Korea have enjoyed since they adopted innovation and technology. In launching the competition, Ghana’s Minister of Information encouraged citizens to shun mediocrity and embrace excellence and innovation.

The competition has created a sense of optimism in Ghana, a country that currently looks to others for most of its technology including cars and smartphones. Many see it as a path to economic prosperity, especially for youth, and a way to transform the country.

The Awesome Power of Innovation Competitions

At Skild, we support innovation competitions because we know that they have the power to change lives. That this challenge is being promoted as a way to lift an entire country is truly impressive. Congratulations to the organizers for having a bold vision of the future, and to all the participants whose ideas will power the evolution of their country.