CatHacks III Hackathon to be Held in Lexington, KY

What organizers are calling the “epic trilogy” continues. CatHacks, a hackathon put on by the University of Kentucky, was the first national college hackathon held in the state back in 2015. This year UK will host the event for the third time. It will take place April 15-16 in Lexington. New and experienced hackers from all over the country will travel to the Bluegrass State to have some fun and participate in this innovation competition. Why CatHacks? It’s a nod to Scratch, the university’s Wildcat mascot.


“Scratch” is Fitting

It seems appropriate to hold a hackathon at a school whose mascot is Scratch, since participants will be looking to develop innovative ideas from… (you get it). Over the course of 24 hours, hackers will meet other talented and curious students, connect with leading tech companies, and experiment with new technologies. As with most hackathons, the event is completely free. Food… beverages… swag… no charge!

Kudos to the Sponsors

It’s safe to say that hackathon sponsors don’t get enough credit for the support that they provide for these events. Hackathons are very rapidly extending the boundaries of technology and innovation in ways we all will be benefitting from. However, without the money, resources, and promotional support of great companies, there would be far fewer of these events and far fewer attendees at each. So, here’s a list of just some of the organizations supporting CatHacks and helping to make innovation happen:

  • Hewlett Packard
  • Soylent
  • Yum!
  • Cummins
  • Wolfram
  • UltraPress
  • The Kidz Club
  • eLink Design
  • Insomnia Cookies
  • EatStreet
  • FlyHighUSA
  • Major League Hacking

Kudos to these outstanding innovation advocates!

Eligibility and Travel for CatHacks III

To participate in CatHacks III, you must be a student at a post-secondary university. (Some high school students are accepted on a case-by-case basis.) People without hacking experience are welcome and encouraged to apply.

The organizers will be providing travel reimbursement to as many participants as possible. Inquire to learn more.

How Will CatHacks III Change the World?

Hackathons, which bring together the country’s brightest minds and best technology, truly have the potential to change the world. What will come out of the CatHacks III event? Time will tell. But here at Skild, we can’t wait to see!