University of Akron Hosts Its First Hackathon

It goes without saying that at Skild, we love a good hackathon. And if it’s the first time an organization has held a hackathon, that’s even better. As our competition management platform is used to schedule hackathons all over the country, we’ve got a direct connection to what creative hackers everywhere are up to. And we love seeing the amazing ideas they come up with.

University of Akron Hosts Its First Hackathon

Well Done, HAkron!

The group behind the UA hackathon calls itself HAkron. It’s made up of 10 UA students who major in electrical engineering, computer science, and computer engineering. They were responsible for all the legwork involved in the event. That included everything from recruiting sponsors to organizing a panel of judges to arranging for food to securing sleeping areas. No small feat for busy college students!

Projects tackled during the 24 hours of the hackathon covered the spectrum from solutions for serious problems to fun ways to use technology. For example, one team hacked a device for helping deaf people hear, and another created a robot that can blow bubbles. But the beauty of a hackathon is that every idea pushes the boundaries of imagination and technology in new directions.

First Place: A Very Secure Cardboard Box

Showing that creative chemistry doesn’t have to take long to develop, the team whose idea was voted best at the hackathon met at the event. Calling their invention Locked ‘n Coded, they wanted to create a safe system with advanced security features. But not having an actual safe to work with, they had to use a cardboard box. The judges didn’t mind the substitution, and the four-person team took home a $1,000 prize. It’s “Akron’s most high-tech cardboard box currently,” said one team member.

Second place went to Echo Location, a series of wires that attach to the hand like a glove and use echolocation to help people wearing it hear better. Rounding out the top three was Bubble Tank, a robot that blows bubbles, blinks with different colored lights, and moves based on computer controls.

Congrats on a Successful Maiden Voyage

It sounds like the UA hackathon was a tremendous success. From all of us at Skild, congratulations to the organizers and all the participants. We hope this event is back for round two next year.