Verizon Innovation Challenge Relies on Skild Online Contest Software

Skild is proud to provide the online contest management behind Verizon’s FreeBee Perks Game Online Innovation Challenge! The competition is focused on assisting people who play, develop, and publish games as they come up with innovative ways to make games even more fun and rewarding by giving out free mobile data to users.  

The contest is underway now, with applications being accepted through June 30, 2017. You can learn more or sign up here.

Verizon Innovation Challenge Relies on Skild Online Contest Software

How the Challenge Works

Verizon is in search of innovative game play ideas that will help them attract, engage, and retain users. The goal is to improve the user experience and reward player achievements with free mobile data. Participants must answer the competition’s overall question: How might you reward player achievements in your game play with free data? They’ll do this by submitting answers through Verizon’s online platform to these related questions:

  • Who is the target audience for your idea?
  • What gameplay and reward mechanics would you employ?
  • What would the redemption experience look like for players?
  • How would your idea improve gameplay or customer experience?
  • How would you message or make your players aware of the reward?
  • How might your idea affect the business metrics important to you?
  • Does your idea only work for a specific game or genre, or does it work for a variety?

The competition is open to U.S.-based video game players, developers, and publishers. Participants can enter the contest as a team, including as a team that is involved on behalf of or representing a private business or an employer. However, each private business or employer may only sponsor one individual or team, and sponsored individuals or teams may only submit one entry.

In order to participate, you must register on Verizon’s online platform. You will need to have your email, a team name, the name and location of your company (if you represent one), as well as your own name and email address and those of any teammates. You and your team members will need to agree to the rules.

The top 20 Winners in the contest will each receive up a $5,000 credit and potentially additional rewards and benefits such as access to developer resources and campaign assistance on the FreeBee Perks platform and even exposure for their game titles through published profiles, videos, or interviews. Winners will be announced on July 21st 2017

Get Your Game On!

This challenge has “fun” written all over it! As the company providing the online contest software behind the event, Skild won’t be participating. But we love gaming, so we can’t wait to hear about the awesome ideas the challenge produces.