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University of Akron Hosts Its First Hackathon


It goes without saying that at Skild, we love a good hackathon. And if it’s the first time an organization has held a hackathon, that’s even better. As our competition management platform is used to schedule hackathons all over the country, we’ve got a direct connection to what creative hackers everywhere are up to. And we love seeing the amazing ideas they come up with.

Well Done, HAkron!

The group behind the UA hackathon calls itself HAkron. It’s made up of 10 UA students who major in electrical engineering, computer science, and computer engineering. They were responsible for all the legwork involved in the event. That included everything from recruiting sponsors to organizing a panel of judges to arranging for food to securing sleeping areas. No small feat for busy college students! Read more from this blog. http://bit.ly/2qfogjy